Aubade Lingerie ~ A Night at the Opera


I am not an opera connoisseur, but the remarkable music, superior voices, lavish sets, opulent costumes, and overall theatrics speaks for itself. When I reflect on the Opera, many of my life’s touchstones come into focus. There is Chagall’s renown ceiling fresco in the famed Paris Opera House whose viewing, despite multiple attempts, has forever evaded me. The emotive rapture of figure skater Katarina Witt as Carmen dying on the ice to win the 1988 Calgary Olympics; its impact on my daughter’s passion to skate. The music that flows through every episode of the hit British detective drama, Endeavor, an intelligent, seductive series whose intricate plots surpass mundane TV. Even the extraordinary popularity of the long running Broadway Musical, Phantom of the Opera which, despite the lavish staging and gorgeous music, I did not really care for.

Aubade lingerie Fievre Andalouse as featured on Lingerie Briefs in color Carmen

Now, after seeing the Fall 2020 Aubade collections, I can add French Lingerie to these reflections. The entire design inspiration is the Opera superbly revealed in the Fièvre Andalouse range shown here in both Carmen and Bohème. These 8 styles; 4 bras, 3 panties and 1 stunning waist cincher are available in shapes supporting sizes, A-G, 30-40, XS-XXL. Intense, bold, and sensual, the exquisite guipure juxtaposed with a delicately embroidered tulle transforms these pieces to showstopping lingerie. I had to sing its praises!

Aubade lingerie Fievre Andalouse as featured on Lingerie Briefs in color Boheme

“Softly, Deftly, Music Shall Caress You. Hear It, Feel It, Secretly Possess You” Charles Hart